Simple Home Upgrades That Can Make Your Rooms Feel
Like New



Spring is the perfect time for domestic change. “Spring cleaning” can be more than just a household saying. It can
mean getting rid of the old and bringing in some fresh ways to spruce up your place. With simple changes to your home, you can rejuvenate your space and find that perfect balance of rest and relaxation.

Living rooms and kitchens often get the most attention during the beautifying process because they’re the most public spaces and the areas where you entertain guests. The bedroom and bathroom are often neglected, but these are the rooms where you probably spend most of your time. Why not give them attention as well?


Decluttering and cleaning should be your first stop in the process, especially in the bedroom. Bedrooms tend to get messy because your personal items are in there. It’s the room that guests rarely ever see, so there’s not a strong motivation to make it presentable. It’s also the place where you’re likely to hide everything to keep common areas clean.

Before you begin your bedroom makeover, get rid of the clutter by tossing items that you don’t need or use anymore. There inevitably will be a few things that are difficult to let go due to sentimental connection, but a storage unit is a good temporary holding place until you decide what to do with them. If you’re looking for a 10x10 storage unit in Chicago, you can expect to pay around $93.88 a month. By taking advantage of offsite storage, you’ll be able to eliminate clutter and dive right into the room upgrades.


Your bedroom should be your private sanctuary where you can relax after a busy day, and a few simple bedroom updates could be exactly what you need to unwind in peace.

Since your bed is the most prominent part of your room, you can improve your sleep quality by buying  fluffy comforter and breathable bedding with a high thread count. Blackout curtains will help limit the amount of natural light that spills into your room,
while soft, soothing light bulbs can help you rest better. Sounds and scents matter too, so consider adding a lavender diffuser and
whitenoise machine to your bedside.

Bedrooms can say a lot about the owner’s personality. Since you have a unique identity and style, your bedroom should stay close to your preferences. It’s not only a representation of who you are, but it’s also where you should feel the most like yourself. However,
if you want your room to remain presentable and feel less crowded, consider removing unnecessary knick-knacks and personal items that serve no purpose.
Removing things like extra pillows, random mail, or boxes in the
corner will have a positive impact on how you feel in your sleep sanctuary.


Once you feel comfortable about your bedroom, you can address the other personal sanctuary in your home: your bathroom. The bathroom is actually everyone’s personal sanctuary, including the guests who visit your home. It’s the only room where they can shut the door
and have privacy, so why not make it nice for them as well? Decor doesn’t have to be extravagant, but a
matching bathroom set can bring the room together. Of course, the right bath towels can also do wonders to make your bathroom look more plush and upscale. For example, The Strategist loves these
Chakir Turkish cotton
bath towels, and a set of four only costs $44 at Amazon.

Bathrooms easily become dirty and germ-filled, so it’s important to keep it clean. Because counter clutter tends to make people get
lazy about wiping down surfaces, the best way to avoid this habit is to keep the counter relatively empty. All you need are soap and lotion dispensers and a hanging towel. The rest can be put away into cabinets and drawers … out of sight and out of the way
when it’s time to clean.

Dressing up the bedroom and bathroom could be great starting points to work on the rest of the house. Start with these rooms and tackle the other rooms one by one until your entire house feels like a new space again. These tasks might be easy to ignore because they may seem unnecessary, but it’s these optional projects that can make a positive difference in your comfort at home.


Guest Blogger:

Bret Engle