We all need homes and apartments to provide us a shelter. We require the protection as well as the relaxation of a home in order to live happily. But what we forget in the process of living in these homes is the fact that ultimately, Earth is our home. Without a sustainable future of the world, our luxurious buildings are of no use. Ironically, our temporary homes are damaging what matters on the larger scale. For this reason, we all need to make sure our homes are becoming more eco-friendly. You may live in a Chicago home on the lakefront with skyline views or a small apartment in Columbus, Ohio, but either way, you need to work to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Add greenery

You must invest in a good garden space. No matter how small your home is, make sure to set aside a little space for greenery. This won’t just make your home look much more aesthetically pleasing, it will also increase the value of your home while making the air around you clean and fresh. Add a lot of trees in your garden space to help make your home more appealing and eco-friendly, plus the shade can save you money on cooling costs this summer. Every little bit goes a long way!

Eco-friendly materials

Every home, especially the kitchen, needs storage space. You’re going to want cabinets and cupboards all around your house. You can very easily become environment-friendly by opting for sustainable material storage. Cabinets made of FSC approved lumber and bamboo are your way to go. Try not to opt for materials that release toxins like urea formaldehyde. Another tip here is to prefer local manufacturers. This helps because shipping is eradicated from the process. Ultimately, that further lessens the carbon footprint.

Minimize plastic usage and waste

A number of household items are bought in plastic containers. What seems like one plastic bag or just one plastic bottle is yet another addition to the damage to the world. Instead of purchasing bottled water, install filters in your home. You’ll get clean drinking water while minimizing the use of plastic. You can also save water. Although these seem like simple steps, think of how many people you know that skip these steps for convenience. Every person who starts to live eco-friendlier is making a huge difference.

Use recycled products

Even if your home is already constructed, over time you will be making changes. There will be renovations as well as new furniture additions. When this time comes, opt for recycled material rather than materials that will harm the environment. Similarly, you need to be aware of what kind of cookware you’re buying. Non-stick pans release toxic gases when they’re heated. Instead of such harmful cookware, you can choose a cast iron skillet. Not only is it environmentally-friendly, it will be naturally non-stick as well!

It is time that every citizen of Chicago works harder to implement eco-friendly options in their lifestyle. With these easy steps, you can resume your normal life with minimal harm to the Earth.