As a homeowner, you may think a significant investment is needed to make a significant difference in your home's look, feel and value. The truth is, you can easily take care of many quick fixes on your own that make a big impact on your home. And, the good news is you don't have to be highly qualified to implement them in that particular area.


Lighting Fixes

Good lighting in a home can make a difference. Replace all indoor and outdoor burned-out bulbs and clean fixtures to ensure maximum brightness. Replace all bulbs with warm light by using a lower wattage LED or incandescent light with a 3,000 Kelvin or lower to create a pleasant atmosphere and achieve higher energy efficiency. To add an extra special touch, invest in lighting around favorite paintings or pieces of art.


New Paint

A gallon of paint is not very expensive, but the appearance and feel of a space can be changed a long way. Evaluate each room in your home and imagine if the walls were a different color what it would be like. Have a trip to your local paint store if you're excited and inspired!


Little Repairs

A broken switchplate, a loose cabinet knob or a squeaky door— individually they aren't that big deal, but when all the necessary repairs are added, they can start to affect your home and how you feel about it. Take your toolbox and spend each room an afternoon doing these simple repairs. Then take off the stress by hiring a reputable handyman or woman if you don't feel skilled enough for the job.


Plumbing Maintenance

Staying on top of the plumbing in your home is always a good idea. This will help prevent expensive repairs and save you money. Replace any worn or rusted faucets and handles, tighten loose fixtures, and repair all leaks. Consider installing a new one if the shower door is dingy and outdated. If you discolor or peel the caulk around sinks, showers and bathtubs, then replace it with a cleaner look.

As minerals can build up and settle in the bottom of the tank, forming a layer of hard sediment, it is also important to keep the water heater in good condition in your home. Drain your tank and flush it out with cold water at least once a year to help prevent this buildup and possible ruptures and overheating. Ask your plumber to perform this service as part of your maintenance program if you don't feel comfortable with this project. Reduce the water temperature to 120 degrees for extra energy savings.


HVAC Health

We all like to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but it can make a big difference in energy bills to lower the winter temperature and increase the summer temperature by just one or two degrees. Make sure you replace filters once a month or clean them regularly if you have permanent filters to prevent your system from working as hard. Your units will also be serviced annually to ensure that they operate as efficiently as possible.


The Deep Clean

Just can't beat the great feeling you get after giving a real deep cleaning to your home. Taking the time to do things like wiping down baseboards and door frames, washing windows, cleaning carpets, shiny wooden floors and vacuuming window treatments and making your home feel fresh, clean and inviting under furniture.


Spruce up your Spaces

Go through each room after you have finished deep cleaning and consider rearranging furniture to create a new look. By adding new pillows and throwing blankets, a scented candle or essential oil diffuser, and fresh flowers, make each room even more inviting and fresh the space.


Curb Appeal & Outdoor Spaces

Curb appeal makes an important impression on everyone who passes by or visits your home. You don't need to spend a lot of money to make this impression a positive one, though. Keep your yard well maintained, prune every shrubbery several times a year, and plant every season fresh flowers. Consider adding to your front porch a container of greenery and fresh flowers and a new doormat. We all know that spiders like to reside in the eaves of homes, so they clean the webs and other natural evidence on the eaves as well as around the windows and doors.

It is definitely a great responsibility to be a homeowner. It's nice to know, though, that there are many things you can do to your home that don't need a lot of time and money, but the results have a big impact.