So, you’re moving again? This time you’re selling your Chicago home and heading off to warmer weather in an expensive city like Austin, Texas. You’ll be taking your furry friend with you, but in the meantime, how do you sell a home when you have pets?

To many, pets are a blessing; but to others, including your next potential first-time home buyer, they are not. While it may not make sense that some people don’t love your pets, let alone pets in general, it is important to tailor to their needs when preparing your home for a showing. Here are 5 ways to make sure that your pets don’t ruin your home sale:

1. Get Them Out of the House

It hurts to say it, but the number one way to ensure pets don’t ruin your home sale experience is to remove them from the home. Temporarily parting ways with pets is not enjoyable, but having them in your house during a showing can only hinder the potential sale and value of your home. If your pets are relatively okay not being around you, local kennels are a great option and ensure that the people watching them will know what they're doing and take care of them. Otherwise, a cost-effective option is to let your pet stay with a relative who gets along well with them. Ultimately, unless your pet has severe separation anxiety, removing them from the home is the best possible option for your home sale.

2. Clean, Clean, Clean

While pets are wonderful, let’s be honest, they can be a bit messy and a tad smelly. If your pets have been anywhere inside your house, it would be best to do a deep clean of those areas and potentially the entire house. The obvious things to look for and try to eliminate are the odor pets produce and getting rid of any hair they shed. When it comes to hair, especially if you keep your pets in your home while you are showing, you can never vacuum enough. At least once a day, to even twice a day, will help eliminate as much hair as possible so showers don’t notice. When it comes to smell, try to avoid air fresheners since they can irritate some people's’ allergies; rather, use deodorizing carpet cleaners, up to three times a week, which are non-irritating and often are scentless, giving your home a fresh new smell.

3. Hire Floor Cleaners

A vacuum and deodorizing floor cleaners can only do so much for your carpets and floors. A sure-fire way to sleep well knowing your floors are clean is to hire professional floor cleaners to get rid of any stains. Often, owners get desensitized or are simply unaware of any accidents their pets might have in their homes. Though it may cost a bit, hiring professional cleaners will ensure that your carpets are as clean as can be. However, if your carpets are unsalvageable, go the extra mile and replace them as quickly as possible.

4. Hide the Evidence

Baring the people viewing your home are not too fond of pets, hiding any evidence of having pets in the first place is generally a safe idea. If a viewer asks, obviously don’t lie and tell them that there haven’t been pets in the house before; but, if you do a good enough job of covering up that there were pets, it can’t hurt. Removing clear signs of pet hair and smell is a must, but taking down photos of pets in living rooms or on the refrigerator can also help. If you have to keep your pets at your home during a showing, be sure to keep them in a room with little traction and great ventilation so they aren’t a focus of the tour.

5. Check the Yard

The last step in pet-proofing your home for showings is to make sure the yard is in mint condition. Crabgrass, brown spots, and holes are all common symptoms of a pet owners yard. Be sure to water and fertilize, and potentially seed, the lawn so it becomes uniform. Also, fill in any holes that your pet may have dug, and make sure to do a full sweep of the yard to make sure nothing is missed.