1. Keep ur tree well watered to avoid fire -these go up in flames in seconds can engolf an entire room in seconds if not kept hydrated 

2. Turn off your lights when you are not home (indoor and outdoor)

3. Make sure you are using indoor lights indoors and outdoor lights outdoors

4. Check extension cords at the base for any loose wiring (they can go bad). 

5. Never use space heaters or ovens to warm ur home - safer and cooler alternative: 


6. Double check packages for your neighbors, if you see your neighbors package, help them out, drop it off near their door if u have an extra hand (helps to eliminate all the package thieves from lurking) Or at least try to pull the packages around the corner in the lobby -out of sight

7. Only let people you know into the building and make sure doors close behind u

8. Dipose of your tree properly 

9. Drink responsibly ;) Uber/Lift, etc. 

10. Do not leave appliances on when your not home, IE: the oven to warm or cook, the dishwasher after the meal. Things can happen (ie. A dishwasher can catch fire -true story) and u want to come to safe home.